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The Campbellsville Review

A Journal of the Faculty of Campbellsville University

Founded 2002
ISSN: 2373-1362

The Campbellsville Review book cover

The Campbellsville Review (CR) provides members of Campbellsville University an avenue for publishing critical and scholarly works based on subjects in which they are researching. It chronicles the ongoing scholarship of the University community, which includes faculty members, upper class and graduate students, alumni, visiting scholars and lecturers, and staff. It is also a way in which the university community can share resources and ideas about teaching. The CR is published biennially under the auspices of the vice president of Academic Affairs.


The Editorial Board invites submissions of articles, reviews, reports, essays, short stories, poems, and other scholarship from faculty, university staff, graduate students, alumni, and visiting lecturers. All work, including creative work (such as short stories, poems, reflections, and visual art), should meet the existing standards of scholarship within the field.  As the Campbellsville Review is interdisciplinary, it is expected that submissions be written for a general academic audience.  The Campbellsville Review is published biennially under the auspices of the Office of Academic Affairs.

The Review is published both in print and online. Online editions can be accessed below. For more specific information about submitting work, contact Jonathan May, managing editor, at jemay@spindriftjordans.com.

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Submissions to Volume 9 must be received by January 31, 2022.


Volume 9 (2019-2022)

Volume 8 (2015-2016)

Volume 7 (2012-2014)

Volume 6 (2010-2012)

Volume 5 (2009-2010)

Volume 4 (2007-2009)

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